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Popped Cake "PangTwi"

Production and sale of various flavors of Popped cakes

We produce safe food with production lines that have acquired HACCP.

Popped cake "Pangtwi"


01. Original

It's a taste that's true to the basics. It's the taste that everyone knows! If you suddenly think of popped cake, you can buy the original popped cake right away.


02. Sweet Pumpkin

Full of sweet pumpkin, rich in antioxidants and famous for dieting! It's a popped sweet pumpkin with 10% added. Enjoy the sweet aroma and crispness of the pumpkin.


03. Onion

If you usually like sweets with onions in them, this is Popped Fried Onion! Focusing on the fact that Europeans love the flavor of roasted onions but dislike the smell of raw onions, we reduced the aroma and made the taste richer.


04. Purple Sweet Potato

It is purple sweet potato snack rice containing 10% of purple sweet potato powder, which is rich in fiber. It is characterized by a thicker thickness and crispy texture compared to other fried dumplings. With the addition of pretty colors, it is currently ranked #1!

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